The law requires a minimum of 40 hours of driving experience, which can be acquired through a mix of private and personal instruction. Our teen driving services are comprehensive and include everything your child needs to successfully complete their driving test, including:

  • 8 Hours Classroom Training for Fifteen & Sixteen Year Olds
  • 6 Hours Behind The Wheel
  • Driving Test Car Rental
  • Options For Additional Behind The Wheel Driving

To us, the most important thing is making sure every teenager is driving safely, with the proper mindset to succeed, and with the best habits and knowledge to avoid accidents and obey the law. Frequently, minimum requirements are just that – minimums. Most teens will need more than the minimum to become safe drivers. New and even experienced drivers should be prepared to unlearn bad habits – this process will make them better drivers.

You may find this site a valuable resource as you prepare for the written test. Click on “Get Started” and go to South Carolina!


We encourage parents to talk to their teens about proper judgment and various mistakes that are often made while driving. Many teens are visual learners, so as parents we should make every effort to lead by example. The time you invest in your teen can make them a more defensive and cautious driver. Proper instruction is one of the most important factors in creating safe driving habits for your teenager. Call today to speak with one of our representatives to learn more about our teen driving program.

We understand that it is frightening to have a teenager behind the wheel of a car, so we encourage parents to take an active role in their child’s driving. In order to promote responsible driving, Kennedy Driver’s Training School has put together a training guide for teens and adults consisting of statistics and helpful hints. It is important for parents to talk to their teens about traffic laws and safety as well as speak positive things to them every day because applied knowledge is powerful.